Online sports betting and casino gaming are one of the most profitable Affiliate business in the online world. The sports betting and casino affiliate program of Tipbet rewards our affiliate partners with massive net revenue shares. With exclusive marketing tools and a proficient support, we facilitate our affiliates' development and also the achievement of high earnings. Of course, Tipbet shares its success with its affiliate partners and, together, we activate an unlimited potential of sports betting and casino!

Tipbet affiliate program:

New registered affiliates at Tipbet Affiliates get:

50% Revenue Share for their 1st month as a welcome to Tipbet Affiliates.

40% Revenue Share In the 2nd month.

In the 3th month, we will evaluate the rate going forward – this will be based on past performance in the preceding months. All include No Negative Carryover, and this promotion is available for all new registered Tipbet Affiliates.

For all the customers that you refer to Tipbet you will get lifetime commission. All the players that are referred from the first month of your plan will continue to earn you 50% commission, regardless of the current revenue share plan that you are on. This commission plan applies to all Tipbet Products.

Net Revenue Net Revenue share Commission Bonus up to* Earn Total
€ 0-5000 25% 10% 35%
€ 5.001-15.000 30% 10% 40%
€ 15.001-30.000 35% 10% 45%
€ 30.001+ 40% 10% 50%

**Get up to 10% Commission Bonus, when you send us New Depositing Customers (NDC) within a calendar month!

Monthly new depositing players (NDC) Total Minimum Deposit Commission
21-50 € 2000 + %5
51+ € 5000 + %10

The exact calculation of the Net Revenue and the bonus conditions for affiliates can be found in our terms and conditions.
The terms and conditions of the Tipbet affiliate program can be found here.
The most frequently asked questions (FAQ) are answered here.


Your referred customers have achieved in a month € 12,000 Net Revenue and 30 NDC's have been recruited.
You get 30% Net Revenue Share + 10% Net Revenue Share from NDC bonus.
In result 40% of 12,000 = € 4,800 € income for the affiliate.